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Create your Military Unit Flag or Guidon

Your unit insignia will be one of the most treasured symbols in your life and all that are serving with you.  With a symbol so powerful that many of your men and women have it tatooed on themselves, promoting it and flying your unit's flag is essential.  Promote Espirit de Corps in your unit.  Being proud and part of the unit is what makes them train harder and longer, not giving up.  Pride in our unit and team is what drives our men and women and keeps them safer.  Offer it to your people and you'll find many will want one for themselves as a keepsake.

Our flags our commercial-grade and extremely durable intended for extended time in all-weather conditions.  If you have vector ready art, send it to us.  This process will be super quick and you'll likely have your flag in about 5 days.  If you don't have artwork, not a big deal, send us your patch or a jpeg, we'll prepare it and continue working on it, until you say "Do it!".  Never have a flag flying that is frayed or dirty.  We're too inexpensive and easy to work with to let that happen and your people deserve the best when it comes to maintaining pride and morale in their unit.  Order here on the site or give us a call at (888) 287-3524.  You can also order through Live Chat or email, [email protected], if you like.

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Our custom flags are commercial strength.  We print using 1-ton, high speed, high resolution printers capable of 600 dpi.  We don't mess around with maintaining the highest quality.  It's either the best or nothing!  We use t-60 strength thread (60 lbs of pressure to break) to sew the perimeter of the flag with 2 rows of lock stitch.  The fly-end is additionally reinforced with 4 rows of lock-stitch then back-tacked.  The header we use is the best in the market.  While most use the standard 7 oz duck (frequently referred to as canvas for marketing), we use a 9 oz "super-white" poly-sateen header, that is much harder to see through and the "super-white" color is the brightest you will find.  It looks beautiful from the ground.  Keep your unit's flag "squared-away".  It's a worthwhile investment in your people.  Order today on-line or call us at (888) 287-3524.