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Minnesota Flags

Adopted in the year 1893, The Minnesota state flag has a royal blue field with a gold fringe. In the center of the flag is the state seal, which is surrounded by a wreath of the state flower, the lady slipper. The date 1858 seen on the wreath signifies the year Minnesota became a state. There are 19 gold colored stars arranged in clusters to form the points of a star to denote that Minnesota was the 19th state to be admitted after the original 13 states.

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Our Minnesota State Flags are offered in all standard sizes of 3’x5’,4’x6’,5’x8’,6’x10’and 8’x12’ and are available in two popular fabric choices of nylon and polyester. Finished with heading and grommets, our flags make perfect symbols of beauty and craftsmanship and will make perfect gifts, keepsakes and display items. Our lightweight, quick dry nylon flags are great for low and medium wind conditions while 2-ply polyester is recommended for high wind conditions and in coastal areas. In addition to outdoor and indoor flags, we also have a complete indoor flag lit that comes with all the flag display items like poles, tassels and ornaments.

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