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Horizontal U.S. Commercial Banners

Hanging American Flag Banners - Great for Outdoor Or Indoor Use

Horizontal U.S. Commercial Banners are seen hanging indoors from warehouse and auditorium supports, outdoors from building's roofs and supported between building windows.  These American Flag Banners are commercially constructed to be secured across the top of the flag, safely and without sagging.  If you're sponsoring an event and want to remind the audience of the beautiful country they're enjoying this is a professional and safe way to do it.  Whether it's for a short period such as sporting events or a permanent American Flag display, the construction and look of these flags will leave you satisfied with your purchase.

You'll find a large range of sizes that cover most every need, but if you don't find it, please call us. You may have an application we hadn't considered, but we are more than happy to construct the flag to fit your needs and most of the time, it will only increase the price nominally, if at all.  Call us at (888) 287-3524, email us at [email protected] or choose to chat with us on our Live Chat. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Commercial U.S. Flag Banners Suitable For Gymnasiums, Building Fronts, Warehouses And More

Our US Flag Banners are constructed with the same hearty construction as our finest commercial grade flags.  We use the same techniques and sewing methods but instead of sewing the header to the left vertical edge of the U.S. flag we sew it to the top horizontal edge.  We line it with a more than adequate number of grommets to keep the flag from sagging once it has been hung.  Of course if your application requires a unique attachment method let us know.  We will likely have a secure and safe solution.