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POW/MIA Outdoor Flags

POW/MIA Outdoor Flags- Our Promise To Always Bring Our Military Men And Women Home

POW/MIA Outdoor Flags serve as extremely visible reminders of the sacrifices made by our veterans and military service members, in particular those who have been prisoners of war or missing in action. 100% made in USA, fly POW/MIA flags to highlight your American pride and concern for our United States military personnel taken as prisoners of war or never returning home. Apart from the American flag, the POW/MIA flag is the only flag to fly over the White House and fly continually over the capitol's rotunda. Our POW/MIA Flags are made of Commercial Grade fabrics and materials and carefully made by Americans in the USA! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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Honor Our American Prisoners Of War And Those Missing In Action With POW/MIA Outdoor Flags

The POW-MIA flag is a great way to honor our American Prisoners of War and those missing in action. These POW-MIA flag feature a silhouette of a man's head with a barbed wire fence and a watchtower at the backdrop. Above the design is the title "POW/MIA", while the motto "You Are Not Forgotten" is printed at the bottom.

The POW/MIA flag was first designed in 1972 by families with loved ones held captive in Vietnam. Through persistant work, their mission spread through the country and they were eventually able to get the backing of Congress. Congress adopted the POW/MIA emblem as a commitment to continue working toward locating all of our people still unaccounted in Southeast Asia. Congress ordered the POW/MIA flag to be flown on 6 special days of the year. On Veterans Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Flag Day, Armed Forces Day, and National POW/MIA Recognition Day the POW/MIA flag is to be flown next with multiple flagpoles or beneath if on the same flagpole. 

The meaning of the POW/MIA symbol has continue to grow in importance. It is now widely seen as representing all POW's and MIA's from all America's wars and many see if as our nation's committment to bring all of our men and women home from the wars they were sent to fight for us. To this day there are still over a 1,000 of our people who are unaccounted for in Vietnam with their families yet to receive closure.

We have a complete line of POW/MIA outdoor, indoor, and mini flags as well as many non-flag items. If you would like assistance in choosing the material, construction style, or size, call us at our toll free number (888) 287-3524 or email at [email protected] for assistance