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Safety US Mini Flags

Safety Hand Held Mini US Flags Provide A Spectacular Flag Display And Children's Safety

Safety Hand Held Mini US Flags are designed to keep the safety concerns Children in mind during the excitement of parades and school events. These 100% made in USA flags are safer than spearheads for kids.These budget friendly hand held mini flags are well suited as patriotic gifts and mass give aways. Budget friendly and attractive, these finely crafted flags from Tuff Flags will help you show your American pride during parades and national events. Shop now.  You'll find we have the best prices on the web, quick shipping and much more! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

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Safe For Kids These Safety Hand Held Mini US Flags Will Add Tons Of Fun To Parades

Our Safety Hand Held Mini US Flags are safe even for kids, thanks to its no tip design which prevents the risk of eye injuries and poking even when these are used in crowded parades on National events and holidays like July 4th, school rallies or national celebrations. Made of polycotton material, these Safety Hand Held Mini US Flags are available in two different styles, a no tip design and a safety ball top model. Our handheld Mini US Flags are secured with wood staples to a wooden staff, have a matte finish, and are produced with a no-fray material, which requires no hemming. The traditional flat cut edges provide a neat appearance.

Safety Hand Held Mini US Flags from Tuff Flags are well suited especially for events like school sprit rallies and children’s events as these can be used with significantly lower risks. If you are scouting for beautiful yet safe to use Hand Held Mini US Flags, look no further than Tuff Flags. Should you need any tips or assistance, we are only a call away. Reach us at our toll free number (888) 287-3524 or email at [email protected] and we will assist you.