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The Slovenian flag consists of three horizontal stripes in Pan-Slavic colors of white, blue, and red. The Slovenian coat of arms depicting the highest peak Triglav along with three six-pointed stars taken from the coat of arms of the Counts of Celje is placed.

Our Flags of Slovenia are made of 200 Denier nylon fabric and offered in the standard sizes of 3’x5’, 4’x6’ and 5’x8’. 100% made in USA and commercial grade, these flags will make a great way to show your pride for Slovenia. Shop right away and get the advantage of the best prices, quick shipping and much more! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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Flags of Slovenia from Tuff Flags are 100% made in USA and made to the accurate design specifications and color scale. These commercial grade flags with 6 months guarantee on construction will make it a perfect flag choice for schools and businesses. These single face reverse flags are finished with grommets and poly sateen header and will make a great way to show your national pride. Dyed with UV resistant Dupont ink, these flags will retain its color clarity and beauty for a long time. These flags will make great display items, keepsakes and patriotic gifts all at once. Light weight and quick dry, these nylon outdoor flags will make a spectacular presentation even in wet conditions or light wind.

Browse our complete line of Flags of Slovenia to find a model that matches your needs. Should you need any help, please feel free to reach us at our toll free number 888-287-3524 or email at and we will be happy to assist you.