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Scraper-Wiper Hybrid

Keep The Indoors Spic And Span With Our Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats

Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats are designed to ensure both scraping action and wiping to stop dirt and moisture from entering indoors. Made of heavy duty fabric, these indoor mats retain dust in recessed grooves all the while absorbing moisture in the fabric face. Tuff Flags has a range of Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats to suit your specific needs includingthe Heavy duty indoor mat of Marathon Scraper to the medium traffic mat of Chevron Scraper Wiper to the light traffic mat of Super-Soaker Scraper and much more. Shop from our complete line of Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats right away and avail the best prices, quick shipping and much more! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! 

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Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats- The Best way To Keep Your Spaces Dust Proof

Our Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats are carpet covered and have rubber reinforced nibs that scrape debris and pull moisture away from shoes. For heavy traffic area , The Dura-Dot Scraper will be a good option as it a stain, UV, and abrasion resistant berber surface and an anti-skid and moisture resistant gel foam backing. It can also be used outdoors and undercover. Looking for an ecofriendly model? The Eco Plus Rubber Border Scraper made of recycled tires, which is a heavy traffic mat with an elevated construction, will be the best option. If you are looking for an industrial strength carpet,Tire-Track Scraper will make a perfect pick while for medium traffic, NeedlePin Scraper & Wiper Indoor Mats will be the best options.

Browse our collection of Scraper-Wiper Hybrid Indoor Mats and choose a model that matches your needs. Not sure what to buy? Call us at our toll free number (888) 287-3524 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.