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Plain Table Covers

Add A Professional Touch To Your Event With Table Covers And Skirtings

Table Covers and Skirtings from Tuff Flags make an easy and cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your venue at trade shows, conferences, hotel events and job fairs. It is a beautiful and crisp way to dress up the top and all 4 sides of your tradeshow tables and counters and provide extra storage space hidden underneath the table. Every year, countless business events and tradeshows are conducted all over the country that are attended by millions from all over the world. These table covers will ensure maximum visibility to your event and will grab the attention of your audience. Shop from our collection of Table Covers and Skirtings and find great prices, quick shipping and much more! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! 

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Stand Out At Your Next Event With These Table Covers And Skirtings

Tuff Flags has a complete line of Table Covers and Skirtings that will enhance your professional identity and make you stand out among the competitors. Made of wrinkle resistant and fire retardant materials, these table covers are available in a range of solid color tones and can be personalized with your message and brand. Choose from a wide range of options including round stretch cover, full throw cover, economy throw, full stretch, serpentine stretch and a lot more to take care of all your draping needs and presentations. Our Weather-Resistant Full Throw Cover will be a perfect choice for semi outdoor events and indoor events alike. At the same time it is stain and weather resistant and flame retardant and approved for the most stringent convention halls. The material has the ability to repel dirt, oil, water, bleach, and grease. Large enough to cover the top of the table as well as all four sides, these covers will dress up the counter tops in style and enhance the professional look of your booth.

Shirred Pleat Twill Skirting, Accordian Twill Skirting,Box Pleat Twill Skirting are some of the many skirting models that we have in Tuff Flags. These table skirts are great to dress up unsightly tables and to turn them into appealing décor items. Easy to maintain and flame resistant, all our skirting are designed for minimal shrinkage, fading and wrinkling.

Browse our collection of Table Throws and Skirting to order before your next outdoor presentation. Finding it a bit tricky to find the best possible option? Call (888) 287-3524 or email us at [email protected] for tips and assistance.