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5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags

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5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags
5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags
5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags
5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags
5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags
5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags

5'x8' U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags

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5'x8' is one of the most common sizes in U.S. Polyester Outdoor Flags along with 3'x5' and 4'x6'. These commercial grade flags that are typically used in commercial and governmental settings are popular for its durable construction, detailed embroidery work and the UV resistant features that will keep these flags beautiful for a very long time. This size is typically used for in ground flagpoles from 30'' through 40'. Be Part of the rich American legacy with these 5x8' U.S. PolyExtra outdoor flags commercial grade flags with embroidered stars and sewn stripes and X-Box on the fly-end for extra reinforcement. The durable and polyester design of these commercial cgrade flags will enable it to fly even in strong breeze to offer a breathtaking presentation! It makes a great gift for friends and family during patriotic events.

Note: Consider whether you are in an area that requires a heavy polyester.  If you don't have ongoing medium to heavy wind or frequent gusts, then you may better served using a nylon material.  Nylon is not only much less expensive, but it will fly in light wind.  Without heavier wind, Polyester flags will just hang on a pole.  Please call if you would like to discuss the appropriate size for your use.  We would prefer you spend less and be happy then to spend more and not be satisfied.  A flying U.S. flag is beautiful, choose one that will look great and makes sense financially.

Commercial Grade: Intended for Government and Commercial use

Made in the U.S.A.

  • Well suited for medium and heavy wind conditions.
  • In Medium to high wind areas, Polyester is the best option as the heavy material slows the fly-end velocity thereby ensuring a longer life.
  • In higher wind area, polyester doesn't experience reduced life from mildew rot that occurs when there isn't adequate wind for drying. 
  • Premium craftsmanship, right down to the fine embroidery makes these American flags a treasure to cherish.
  • Produced with Heavy 2 Ply Polyester
  • American Flags are sewn with our CHEF sewing method plus added Reinforcement.
  • Stars embroidered with a full white embroidery technique with no gaps.
  • Stripes are sewn using the same technique LEE and Levi Jeans use on their inseams.
  • Fly-hems are finished with 4 vertical rows of lock-stitching and back tacked.
  • Reinforced with 102 stitch X-box at both the top and the bottom corners to make it tear proof even in high-speed wind conditions
  • These US flags have heavy Duty, rust proof, #2 brass grommets
  • Finished with a heavy-duty, 9 oz. "Super-White", no-shrink, hoist-heading. Made of Poly Satin against the normal industry standards of 7 oz. Duck Heading.
  • These US flags are made of strong T-60 Thread that requires 60 lbs of pressure as against the industry norm of T-45
  • These American flags use DuPont color-fast dyes and the fabric is treated to resist UV radiation
  • It is 100% Made in America by Americans.  Letter of origin available upon request.
  • 6 month guarantee on construction of flag. 12 months guarantee on color fastness. [Beyond Industry Standard]