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20'x30' Texas Polyester Outdoor Flag

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20'x30' Texas Polyester Outdoor Flag

Model Number: TF1270

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Price:  $655.00
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These Large Texas 20'x30' Outdoor Polyester flags are created to be long lasting, colorfast, and Safe.  At 80' feet, safety has to be considered.  2x2 Ply Polyester flags are extremely heavy.  They should be flown on commercial grade flag poles and carefully attached.  While problems with flags becoming detached are highly infrequent, Tuff Flags adds every reinforcement viable to make our flags the safest on the market.  The header is made of Webbing that is 3X's the strength of a car seatbelt with heavy chrome D-Rings to attach the TX flag to the flagpole.  Webbing Header is attached with the market's heaviest thread, T-60.  This is well beyond the strength to most flags available.  Colorfastness is retained with Dupont UV Resistant  inks.  The fly end is protected with 6 rows of lock stitch.  The Texas Star is appliqued.  If you are unsure whether you should fly a polyester or nylon Texas flag, please give us a call.

Economical Printed Version available.

Commercial Grade.  Meant for use on 80' Commercial Flagpoles.  Medium to High winds.

Made in America.  Letter of origin available.

  • Developed to be a Durable and Safe Flag
  • Flag is printed with highly rated Dupont UV Resistant inks
  • Star of Texas is appliqued not printed
  • 6 Month Warranty on TX flag
  • Webbing Header is installed on flag for safety.  (3X's strength of car seatbelt)
  • Heavy Duty Chrome D-Rings and additional support grommets for attachement
  • Sewn with T-60 Industrial Thread instead of common market standard of T-45.  The number communicates the pounds of pressure required to break thread.
  • Colorfast Dupont UV resistant inks used for printing
  • 2x2 Ply Polyester used for manufacturing flag
  • Fly-End is heavily supported with 6 rows of Lock Stitching
  • 6 Month Construction Warranty