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4'x6' New Mexico Polyester Outdoor Flag

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4'x6' New Mexico Polyester Outdoor Flag

Model Number: TF1T201

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If you thought it is near to impossible to set up a perfect flag presentation during bad weather conditions like heavy winds, gust or storm, you could be in for a surprise. Check out these fine quality heavy duty, 4'x6' New Mexico Polyester Outdoor Flags from Tuff Flags that will hold the state colors high even in the most challenging weather. 100% made in USA, these 2x2 Ply Polyester flags made to the exact official specifications can be safely flown on commercial grade flag poles of 25' to 30' height or more if flown with multiple flags. Well suited for coastal towns, beach faring communities and mountain areas where ordinary flags could be tattered to bits, these heavy duty flags will win with flying colors. Strengthened with industrial grade thread, these flags make a perfect way to fly your state colors at home, offices and business organizations. The colorfast Dupont ink will keep the flags brilliant as new even after prolonged use while 95 % ink penetration ensured by the Industrial Printers will make the graphics well seen on both sides of the flag, enhancing the perfection of your flag display even further. Tip: These flags need heavy winds to whip them open and might not be a good choice for locations where high wind conditions do not prevail. Not sure, which models of flag is the best for your neighbourhood? Call our flag experts for tips and choose the most appropriate model.

Commercial Grade. Intended for 24/7 use by governments and commercial entities. Winds of Medium to High speeds.

Made in America by Americans. Letter of Origin Available upon request.


  • Bright, Long-lasting inks
  • Commercial grade extra strong construction for more durability
  • 6 Month Construction Warranty