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12' Titan Heavy-Duty 19-Gauge Steel Flagpole Set

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12' Titan Heavy-Duty 19-Gauge Steel Flagpole Set

Model Number: TF1C175

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Flying the American flag is the biggest dream for every house owner. 12' Titan Heavy-Duty 19-Gauge Steel Flagpole Set from Tuff Flags will add elegance and beauty to the flag display in the garden and the front yard of homes. It makes a highly affordable option among residential poles to enhance the grandeur and prestige of homes and grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Remind everyone of the rich legacy and history of this great country with these 12' Titan Heavy-Duty 19-Gauge Steel Flagpole Sets that are just right for a home yard are maintenance free and have a simple and untapered design. Buy now at best rates.

Recommend using a 2'x3' flag on this pole.

Components included:

  • Gold Vinyl Ball Ornament
  • Pulley Assembly
  • Solid Braided Halyard
  • 2 Nylon Flag Snaps
  • Cast Nylon Rope Cleat
  • PVC Foundation Sleeve
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

Optional: 12' Pole fits our Tailgater Tire Mount Stand

  • Exceptional Quality at a budget price
  • Can be installed by one person, lighter than the titan. Easy to follow instructions.
  • Will fly a single 2'x3' Flag
  • Can be shipped Fedex Ground
  • Produced with Heavy-Duty 19 Guage first run steel.
  • The entire inside of the pole is galvanized to prevent rusting.
  • The outside of the flagpole is finished with white polyester powder coated painted finish.
  • The pole sections are tightly manufactured to slip together with a smooth exterior connection

If interested in an Aluminum Version of this pole, please see our Colonial Flagpole series. The Homesteader Series and the Colonial Series are alike with the exception that the Colonial Flagpoles are made from aluminum and the Homesteader poles are made from 19 gauge steel.  Choosing one over the other is a trade off.  The steel is stronger and is able to withstand higher winds than the aluminum but the aluminum will not rust.  The steel pole is treated but if you're in an extremely humid area, the treatment will only protect it for so long.