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We Can Help You Fundraise… BIG Time.

Fundraising, for any type of establishment, is a great way to tackle budget shortfalls and allow for easier and more efficient access to tools and materials. It’s also a fairly simple and extremely effective way for places from schools, churches, and other organizations to reach out to their community and  generate beneficial relationships. We are […]

Blog #24: When should Memorial Day stick flags be removed from graves?

-There is no set precedent on when they should be removed, although as soon as possible should be a priority. But realistically before the flags begin to fade and the staff gets warped. Both of which tend to happen in about a week or two, depending on weather. Thank you for your question! If you […]

Blog #23: Does the US Flag have to be burned if it touches the ground?

-The stigma around the flag touching the ground is more an issue of being suitable for display rather than symbolic. As long as the instance in which the flag touches the ground neither soils nor damages the flag, it may continue to be flown. If it is soiled it may be machine washed rather than […]

Blog #22: Everything you need to know about Table Throws.

Everything you need to know about table throws… Branding yourself and looking professional are two very important ways to catch the right kind of attention. Using a table cover at trade shows, events, or conferences is a great way to maximize your corporate branding. Using these as part of your advertising can be a bit […]

Blog #21: Is there a penalty for violating US Flag Code?

-No there is not, in US Supreme Court case Texas v. Johnson, it ruled that violation of Flag Code is protected under the First Amendment’s protection for freedom of expression. As a result it is unconstitutional for a State, County, or Municipality to pass laws against disrespect towards the flag. US Flag Code was passed […]

Blog #20: Where should I mount my United State flag on the front of my house?

-Generally if you’re only mounting the United States flag you can place it left or right of the front door, choose whichever has more prominence on the house. When flying the US flag and your local or state flag, the US flag must be placed to an observer’s left of the front door, as you […]

Blog #19: Adjusting the head on a CREE Commercial Flagpole Light

An occasional call we get from customers is that the light head on their CREE Light doesn’t adjust from spot light to flood light. In 100% of the cases the light head slides fine, but the owner is concerned they will break it so they don’t want to put much pressure on it. These lights […]

Blog #18: When hanging a flag from the ceiling in a building, what direction do you hang it in?

-United States flag code directly addresses hanging the flag from a ceiling in Section 7o:   When the flag is suspended across a corridor or lobby in a building with only one main entrance, it should be suspended vertically with the union of the flag to the observer’s left upon entering. If the building has […]

Blog #17: What is the correct order of Military flags?

-The order of precedence when flying military flags are in the order of founding, as follows:   US Army US Marine Corps US Navy US Air Force US Coast Guard   -Thank you for your question! If you have a question about flagpoles and flag etiquette email me at [email protected] and perhaps your question will […]

Blog #16: How should the US flag be displayed next to a religious or organization flag?

-According to United States flag code, the flag must be placed in advance of the audience and to the speakers right at an event:   When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium, the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence, in advance of the […]

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